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Welcome everybody to my blog dedicated primarily to my escapades in Japan, teaching English! Here you'll find photos and updates of my life in Sasebo, a city on the southern island of Kyushu. Hope you all enjoy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Allrighty, time for a dump.

I must have started to write a new entry for this blog about half a dozen times, and each time I either got side-tracked or just lot all desire. So lazy! I have tonnes and tonnes of pictures to share, as well. I uploaded all of the photos from my winter vacation to the Kansai region ages ago, but jut never posted the links here for some silly reason. That being said, HERE ya go!

Fushimi Inari
Ginkakuji - the Silver Pavillion

ALLRIGHTY. So, since then, I have taken about a bajillion pictures, in large part thanks to the new camera that I got just before my trip to Kansai. Here are links to a couple of albums from the local events I've been to in the last few months!

In February a small group of us went out to the Nagasaki Lantern festival in Nagasaki's Chinatown . It was totally crammed full of people, busy as all get-out, but the lanterns were really spectacular. Because Nagasaki is Japan's longest-open port, it had some of the earliest contact between Japan and most other countries, including China. Every year the city celebrates this lantern fest, with most large businesses hanging big red lanterns outside of their doors, especially as you get closer to Chinatown.

Here is a link to an in-browser viewer of all the pics I took and uploaded to bubble share. If you'd like to see them a little larger, go to the album's original link and check them out at a better viewing size. ->
The Lantern Fest Album
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Next up is the Oyster festival, which some of you might remember seeing pictures of last year. Well we all went again, had lots of great sea-food and beer while sitting on the lowest, tiniest little stools you can imagine. Like a champ I wore my boots with higher heels too, so my legs were extra long and extra smushed into my chest. Not so comfortable. We must have been an attractive group though, because at one point a middle-aged lady was first caught taking stealthy pictures of us, and then just flat-out asked if she could take our photo. We couldn't say no, not when all of us had been taking pictures of the Japanese around us all day! ...I have a wierd love of taking candid photos of kids. It gets me teased by my friends a lot but I love catching kids being kids on camera! -> Oyster Fest take 2

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To finish off today I'm just going to post a few pictures taken on my walk home from school, and shots from the marathon my main school ran. I had a post about the marathon last year too so I can keep this one short. These photos are a month or so old now but I like some of them. :) You can see some of what the surrounding area is like and..well...more kids. Hurray for super-zoom!